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Pre-order your copy of Dr. Seibel's new book, The Estrogen Window

Our friend and colleague Dr. Mache Seibel is one of the leading experts in the country on menopause and he’s just launching his new book called The Estrogen Window.




In The Estrogen Window, Dr. Seibel explains how every woman has an "estrogen window" of opportunity.  Not only can women safely take estrogen during this window, but also taking the hormone in the estrogen window provides a wide range of health benefits that can protect women from breast cancer, heart disease, dementia, and more.


When you pre-order the book before April 15th, Dr. Seibel has put together some amazing bonuses as a thank you.  You’ll find all the details here:  https://ca235.isrefer.com/go/book/janes.

 The book has gotten rave reviews by experts across the country.  Here’s what people are saying…

 Dr. Mache Seibel's book, The Estrogen Window, introduces a new era of understanding hormone replacement therapy as well as a new level of clarity for controversial topics of medicine. This is now the top book on hormone replacement that I will recommend to my patients and peers. 

 Alan Christianson, NMD

 NY Times Best Selling Author – The Adrenal Reset Diet


Dr. Mache Seibel does to estrogen and hormone replacement therapy what other breakthrough thinkers did to our fear of fats  - debunk, educate and assure that there is a time and place for the vilified estrogen. A must-have book in any woman's library.

 Magdalena Wszelaki

 Certified Nutrition Coach


In The Estrogen Window Dr. Seibel clarifies how to manage menopause symptoms, balance the risks and benefits of hormone therapy, the best time to consider treatment, and how to communicate effectively with your doctor. Highly recommended for anyone dealing with menopause issues.

 Steven Masley, MD

 Best-selling author and creator of top public television programs


If you’re a woman even thinking about menopause (or a man who loves one) I strongly encourage you to check this book out. 


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