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Choosing a Vaginal Dilator

Providing several solutions for vaginal health, Soul Source offers a wide range of dilators. So, in order to help you in the process of choosing a vaginal dilator, here are some quick tips to complement the recommendation of your Qualified Medical Practitioner (QMP).

First of all, understand your condition

Whether you’re suffering from vaginismus, recovering from genital reassignment surgery or you’re just experiencing menopause symptoms, you should know what you need a vaginal dilator for. Read more about the conditions that need vaginal dilation therapy.

1. Dilators for vaginoplasty

If you are recovering from vaginoplasty (SRS/GRS), we recommend the Soul Source GRS Vaginal Dilators. Developed in conjunction with a leading surgeon, they are designed to maintain the integrity and depth of the vagina during the vaginal dilation therapy. Surgeons throughout the world recommend them because of their top quality and ease of use.

2. Dilators for vaginismus

Our suggestions for patients suffering from vaginismus are the Soul Source Silicone Vaginal Dilators. Created by a sex therapist and gynecologist, they are available in 8 sizes to help women undergoing progressive vaginal dilation therapy. However, please follow the recommendation of your QMP about choosing and using vaginal dilators for vaginismus.

3. Dilators for vaginal agenesis and vaginal stenosis

Dilation therapy for vaginal agenesis and vaginal stenosis is a process that requires careful and slow insertion. The dilators suited for these conditions are the Soul Source Silicone Vaginal Dilators, because of their comfortable texture and resilient silicone rubber.

If you are still not sure about what dilator to choose or if you have any questions, please contact us.